What is cancer? Why does cancer occur? How to avoid cancer? How to beat and kill cancer? Family stories.

What is cancer?

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of body cells located in a certain area of ​​the body. It grows in the form of a tumor or lump and bursts the neighboring structures that it compresses. In the end, it causes the death of the person who suffers from it.
Why does cancer occur?
Cancer is written in the human genome and is one of the two natural ways of dying available to man.
Man has two natural ways to die: Good or Bad.
The GOOD form consists of a pleasant, painless death, occurring in a young body that has not aged during its entire longevity of "and its days will be one hundred and twenty years", consisting of cardiorespiratory arrest while sleeping, without having damaged anything in the body. body.
The MAL form consists of a long painful death, which occurs in an aged body, consisting of cardiorespiratory arrest after some part of the human body is completely damaged.
Man has free will. You can choose at any time the type of physiology you want to live. The Good or the Bad. The physiology of life or the physiology of cancer. Your health or illness depends on your decision. Cancer is unknowingly your choice.
Good Physiology Vs Bad Physiology.
The human body has 2 physiologies, one Good and one Bad. The bad one comes from his pre-ADAMIC genetics and the good one comes from his ADAMIC genetics. Cancer is pre-ADAMIC bad genetics. Health is good ADAMIC genetics.

Pre-ADAMIC Genetics
Thousands of years ago reptilian aliens came to Earth to search for gold. They created a miner man, the pre-ADAMIC human "LULU". He had specialized genetics for muscular work. He was a slave to his genetics and a slave to the Anunnaki. He only knew how to work nonstop. He worked "pick and shovel" from Sun to Sun. He got pleasure from working. His brain secreted beta-endorphins with every hit of the shovel and pickaxe. He wasted his time without learning anything about this Universe. I did not grow spiritually in the Universe of LOVE.

Regenerative medicine type rejuvenation.
The lulu worked non-stop, from sunrise to sunset. During his working day, his muscle cells suffered enormous physical wear. Many died from thermal shock or traumatic shock. At the end of the working day, the lulu had killed millions of muscle cells and all kinds. To solve the problem of cell wear due to intense muscular work, the lulus were created with a "REJUVENATION-type regenerative medicine" system.
The way the body regenerates and repairs itself describes the type of proprietary regenerative medicine it uses. The lulus had a type of regenerative medicine that allowed total rejuvenation.
Rejuvenation-type regenerative medicine works by cell therapy based on stem cells without telomere limitation and cancerous anaerobic metabolism.
Cell therapy replaces dead cells with new ones. The new ones arise from cells that split in half and give rise to new cells. All the cells in the lulus were "stem" cells, with the ability to divide and create new cells. They had no telomere restrictions. They could divide as many times as needed to regenerate and repair any tissue. At night, while the lulu slept, all its cells would divide, like a huge cancer, and the damaged body would completely repair itself. The next morning his body was completely repaired, totally rejuvenated, like new. The cells that at night had behaved as life-creating stem cells, in the morning behaved as "daughter" cells, somatic cells specialized in the tissue where they resided. The lulus remained forever young and ready to work at full capacity.
The physiology of the lulu, based on intense muscular work, was based on glycolysis, an enzymatic decomposition of hesoxa glucose without the presence of oxygen. In nature there are 3 hesoxas. Hesoxa glucose from meat and vegetables, hesoxa fructose from fruit and hesoxa galactose from milk. They are chemically identical (6 carbon atoms) but differ in their spatial orientation.
The lulu cell metabolism could only break down hesoxa glucose from vegetables and meat but could not break down hexose fructose and hesoxa galactose because it lacked the necessary enzymes to initiate fructolysis and galactolysis. They could not digest fruit or milk, but it was not necessary because they were fed not fruit or milk but a diet specially designed for them, the Anunnaki diet, based on green leafy vegetables. Fruit and milk had not yet reached Earth.
Glycolysis occurred in the cytoplasm of the lulu cell. Anaerobic glycolysis is fast and produces a lot of energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel of the cell. It was governed by the oncogene.

The oncogene ruled the lulu cell. It encoded for the enzyme pyruvate kinase M2-PK that strongly stimulated glycolysis to produce ATP and lactate. M2-PK is characteristically found in all (anaerobic) cancer cells. The lactate was again reconverted into glucose and this was broken down again at high speed (Cori cycle). ATP energy production was abundant enough to support the intense muscular work of the lulu. At night it stimulated the GPR 55 protein responsible for cell plasia (tissue formation). The stem cells divided as many times as necessary to completely repair the tissues of the lulus damaged in their muscular work. The lulus woke up completely rejuvenated. In short, the lulu cells were all cancerous (all could divide), which functioned with the typical anaerobic cancer metabolism based on M2-PK permanently activated by a permanently activated and free GPR 55 protein.
The lulus all had cancer. The cancer was his physiological metabolism. Cancer metabolism allowed them to repair and regenerate overnight. It did not matter how many millions of cells had died in the daily physical work because at night, while they slept, they replenished all the dead cells with new cells. Every day they worked, with pick and shovel, naked under the Sun, from Sun to Sun, and they were happy due to the action of the beta-endorphin of proopiomelanocortin, in a circadian rhythm. But- there is always a but- The lulus were always young and fit for physical work. They did not die old but they also died. They died rejuvenated.
Although the lulus fully regenerated each day, their neurons could not be replaced by new ones. Neurons are cells that can measure more than 1 meter. They are millions of times larger than a stem cell. The cells of the lulus could divide endlessly but they could not give rise to cells millions of times larger than themselves. Neurons were not exchanged. To prevent the aging of neurons, the lulus were fed the Anunnaki diet, a set of folic acid vegetables. Folic acid is not a metal chelator, so vegetables or green leafy vegetables were grown in hydroponics, to prevent them from containing metals from the soil. Metals damage cells and age them. But even so, the neurons aged due to the free radicals that were generated during the intense physical work of the lulus. And the neurons aged slowly.
When the neurons were no longer good for mining, the lulus self-destructed by autoimmunity. Immune memory cells recognized worn-out neurons and ordered their destruction. An autoimmune attack against the neurons developed and the lulus died in a short time of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Also today humans who choose to live with the anaerobic metabolism of lulus run the risk of prematurely aging their peripheral nervous system and suffer a self-destructive attack by their immune system. ALS is common in athletes.
Muscle strength type ACTIVATED Vitamin D (calcitriol)
Lulu had a lot of muscular strength thanks to rapid anaerobic metabolism and a power amplifier, a vitamin D metabolite that was activated during intense exercise under solar ultraviolet light, and the body's many receptors for that metabolite 1,25(OH ) 2 cholecalciferol (calcitriol). However, he had few bodily receptors for vitamin D. By day, working naked in the sun, he had a lot of strength, but in the evening he lost it, to the point that in the dark he could hardly move. No one could escape from the mining compound.
circadian cycle.
The physiology of the lulu was a physiology of intense muscular work. The physiological rhythm of muscular work was directed by the hypothalamus of the brain.

The working hours at the mine were from Sun to Sun. It was a repetitive cycle, every day of the year in a circadian cycle from 8 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon with intermittent stops to eat during the hours of maximum sunshine because, when the Sun was at its zenith, the body surface of the lulus exposed to the Sun was the least. Cortisol peaks (automatic) coincided in the hours of intense work. His descents coincided with meals.

His temperature, his blood pressure, his hormone output, and ultimately his strength varied automatically, second by second, depending on the tilt and intensity of the sun's ultraviolet light on his skin. I just had to dig and chop. Their muscle performance was optimized based on light. He was the perfect miner. The more he dug, the more brain morphine he secreted and the more pleasure he experienced.
They had a reward system based on the endorphins that their brain produced directly proportional to their physical effort in muscular work. The greater the effort, the greater the reward in the form of endorphins. This reward mechanism, although residual, still persists in the ADANIC human body, and some athletes exploit it to obtain pleasure during exercise.
The exuberant muscular strength of the Lulus was due to the fact that their cells had a lot of energy in the form of ATP. They obtained energy from glucose through its anaerobic fermentation (without oxygen) in the muscle mass. The cells of pre-ADAMIC humans functioned with anaerobic metabolism. They did not have aerobic metabolism, the mitochondria (aerobic cell) had not yet arrived on Earth. Glucose was the base fuel and was converted by glycolysis to pyruvate. Pyruvate continued to degrade by lactic fermentation (without the presence of oxygen) to lactate, while producing energy in the form of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) molecules. Anaerobic metabolism produced a large amount of energy per unit of time. Lulus could work intensely for many hours, especially in the sun. Lulus could amplify their muscle strength when they activated their vitamin D. Working intensely naked in the sun, vitamin D was activated to vitamin 1,25(OH)2 cholecalciferol. . The lulus had many receptors for this vitamin D metabolite. The result was an explosion of muscular strength. However, they had few receptors for vitamin D2 and when the Sun went down they lost their strength to the point of remaining almost immobile on the ground. Without hardly moving. They could only escape in dreams
Due to their intense physical work, the lulus miners suffered enormous wear and tear. Every day they lost millions of muscle cells and other kinds, which died from thermal shock and traumatic shock. To replenish dead cells during the daytime workday, cells doubled rapidly at night. The lulus genome incorporated an oncogene coding for the enzyme M2-Pyruvate Tumor Kinase (M2-PK-T). This enzyme accelerated the glycolysis of glucose in the cytosol of all cells. It activates anaerobic metabolism to produce energy to feed the new cells that are formed in tissue repair, through its action on a free protein, GPR-55, responsible for cell plasia.
Anaerobic metabolism was necessary for intense fully reparative cell plasia. Cancerous metabolism and cancer itself was necessary in the lulus. Controlled cancer so that it did not cause a tumor was stopped with the Anunnaki diet. The lulus were fed an anti-cancer diet. The essential watermelon seeds in the diet of the lulus provided the amygdalin that slowed down the GPR-55 protein and the cancer did not get out of control. 1,25 (OH) 2 cholecalciferol slowed down the GPR-55 protein during the working day. The melatonin that is secreted at night in an amount directly proportional to the work done during the day slowed down and controlled the GPR-55 protein during the night. The lulus headed for the mine in the morning with a watermelon under their arm, their biological canteen of chemotherapeutic glucosalin serum. Nobody died of cancer if they had worked hard under the sun while eating, drinking and washing their hands with watermelon.


The circadian cycle experiences a drag phenomenon in which the circadian rhythm, even if it is momentarily disturbed by a change in the location of the subject, to another time zone, even in a closed room in the dark, the rhythm is automatically retuned according to the place where you are the man. The trawl margin is 23.5 hours (Earth day). at 24.65 hours. (day of Mars). Thanks to drag the lulu, and also modern man, could be synchronized for work both on Mars and on Earth.
Adamic Genetics
Time later came the true owners of the planet. The aliens ELOHIM are GIVING and RECEIVING, they are hermaphrodites, they are fair, not bad.
They decided to shut down the selfish Anunnaki agenda. They decided to kick out the squatters and free the lulus.
The Elohim had other plans for the lulus. They wanted the new men to be free, to be able to observe, know, think, understand and learn to love. They decided to combine the RECEIVE genetics of the lulus with the genetics of this GIVE/RECEIVE UNIVERSE, and sent an ADAM to Earth.
The ADAM was an Accelerated Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, of GIVE/RECEIVE genetics. ADAM had 2 functions: first to take possession of the Earth. Second, to hybridize with the lulus to pass on their liberating genetics. After hybridization, the descendants of the ADAM had two genetics: The genetics of the lulus + the genetics of the ADAM.
Regenerative medicine type anti-aging

ADAM was a just man from the Universe of LOVE (GIVE + RECEIVE).
This universe is GIVE and RECEIVE. It is white and it is black, it is positive and it is negative, it is 0 and it is 1, it is male and it is female, it is antagonistic but complementary, its symbol is , and its law is LOVE.
In the Universe of love there is no suffering. SEEKING TO GROW SPIRITUALLY. The work is done by oneself for oneself. You don't work to enrich anyone else. There is no selfishness, everything is GIVEN and everything is RECEIVED. What is GIVEN is received but not exchanged.
The regenerative anti-aging medicine of ADÁN works by cell therapy based on stem cells with telomere limitation and aerobic metabolism.

Anti-aging cell therapy replaces dead cells with new ones. The new ones arise from cells that split in half and give rise to new cells. Not all cells in ADAM were "stem" cells with the ability to divide. Only a few cells of the ADAM could split in half and create new cells. They also had telomere restrictions, they could not divide indefinitely but they had cell divisions restricted to 60 (Hayflick Index). They contained a chain of 60 telomeres. Telomeres are repetitive DNA that start chromosomes. They act as cell division counters. Each time a stem cell divides, a telomere is lost. The cell divisions allowed to the ADAM cells were sufficient to replace the dead cells of natural death (apoptosis or cell suicide). The ADAM was protected against aging but its limited cell divisions allowed did not serve to rejuvenate like the lulus but only to not age.

ADAM had two kinds of cells, "mother cells" (STEM-CELLS) and daughter cells.


The STEM CELLS could only be a "mother" all her life but they could not be daughters. Their job was only to replenish dead cells but not to play any role in specialized tissue. They could not be somatic specialized in tissues. They were just mothers. The daughters were still exact copies of the mother, they also had 60 telomeres but they were blocked and could not divide to give rise to new daughter cells. The daughters had to be daughters all their lives (specialized somatics) and could not become stem cells.
"and his days shall be a hundred and twenty years."
Different cell types have different cell longevities. For example: Red blood cells live between 100 and 20 days, other more noble cells live between 100 and 20 years, such as noble neurons, or memory immune cells and the sperm and egg that join in a zygote. Between 100 and 20 days/always replaceable and 100 and 20 years/never replaceable, there is an approximate average of 1 replacement every 10 years, with a total of 12 replacements in a longevity of 100 and 20 years. The programmed natural longevity of a daughter cell is 10 years. Every 10 years we release a new body. But - there is always a but - only if we have not wasted cells.
Stem cell cell divisions are ONLY ALLOWED FOR PHYSIOLOGICAL CELL REPLACEMENT, to stay young and strong during human longevity of one hundred and twenty years, but are not allowed to repair cell damage due to negligence or accident
The natural death of a daughter cell is cell suicide (apoptosis), at the end of its useful life. The cells that commit suicide are replaced by new cells that originate and belong to the next adjacent decade. In this way the body completely renews itself every 10 years. Every decade we release a new body.
The VIOLENT death of a cell, either by cell homicide or cell killing is cell necrosis. The prematurely dead cells, before exhausting their programmed life, are not replaced but are replaced. That is, new cells are borrowed from cell divisions reserved for future decades. Cell damage (violent cell death) is quickly repaired with new cells that were reserved for future generations. The damage is quickly repaired but the bill comes from the later time from which the cell divisions were borrowed. The downside is that the borrowed cells will be spent outside of their relevant decade and when the person reaches old age they will have fewer cells than they need to live young and healthy. The price is old age, aging.
An example: Ex-smokers, while smoking kill many cells in the lungs. Dead cells are replaced by new cells borrowed from future generations. Lung damage is repaired the same day. For the human body, however, the bill for repairs lies in the future, so ex-smokers will sooner or later experience some degree of respiratory failure as they age.

ADAM aerobic type metabolism
The cell of ADAM was binary, it had two nuclei, one that governed the anaerobic metabolism lulu and the other that governed the aerobic metabolism of ADAMIC, and two cytoplasms, one for the anaerobic and the other for the aerobic.
The lulus functioned with rapid anaerobic (cancerous) metabolism accelerated by the enzyme M2-PK, governed by the lulu oncogene. Glucose was rapidly broken down to pyruvate and produced abundant energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
The ADAM worked with 2 different metabolic sections. A first section of anaerobic metabolism (lulu) slowed down by the action of the enzyme M1-PK governed by the ADAMIC tumor suppressor gene, and a second super-slow aerobic section also governed by the tumor suppressor gene. Pyruvate was broken down in a metabolic loop (Krebs cycle) 200 times slower than the anaerobic loop of lulus.
After hybridization, metabolism in the ADAMICS men was governed by the tumor suppressor gene. The oncogene was relegated to the background. It was only allowed to function on rare occasions. When energy was required in abundance in competitions and to repair large areas of tissue damaged in accidents. Normal metabolism was so slow that it was no use for mining with a pick and shovel. under the open sky, from sun to sun.
The current human metabolism is binary.
It has binary cell, cell with two nuclei and two cytoplasms. A cell is large and contains a nucleus with lulu DNA. The other cell is small and is embedded within the larger cell. The small cell has a nucleus with mitochondrial DNA from ADAM. The metabolism develops in 2 times and in two different sections. The first section is an anaerobic section (that of the lulus) but it is no longer governed by the tumor M2-PK enzyme of the oncogene but by the M1-PK encoded by the ADÁN tumor suppressor gene. It occurs in the cytosol of the large cell and breaks down glucose without oxygen to Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and pyruvate. The second leg of human metabolism is that of ADAM, it breaks down pyruvate in the small cell in the presence of oxygen (aerobic leg) to Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the final energy used by the cell.
With the new human metabolism, the ADAMICS ceased to be useful as miners. But they were useful to observe, know, understand, control and think about what could be learned without pick and shovel in hands.
ADAM's physiology, based on muscular work just for spiritual growth, and not to work for another, prevented him from intense, excessive and disproportionate muscular work.


The tumor suppressor gene ruled the ADAM cell. It encoded for the enzyme pyruvate kinase M1-PK that stimulated glycolysis less intensely than M2-PK, with the intention of producing less ATP and lactate. M1-PK is characteristically found in all aerobic (non-cancerous) cells. Priruvate was diverted from the Cori cycle and channeled to the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle continued in oxidative phosphorylation that produced 200 times less ATP than the initial anaerobic glycolysis.
The GPR 55 protein, which in lulus was anchored in the outer cell membrane and acted freely, was encapsulated in a CB3-type cannabinoid receptor. The receptor is a jail for the protein GPR-55. The receptor is permanently activated by the action of anandamide (natural brain cannabidiol). The activated CB3 receptor inhibits the GPR55 protein. Only on specific occasions is the protein released in order to replace the suicide cells and repair suddenly damaged tissues, but not to completely rejuvenate everything as in the lulus. It is simply allowed to regenerate injured tissues. -For example, after an extensive dermal burn, the oncogene takes over and codes for the cancerous M2-PK that stimulates the cancerous anaerobic glycolytic pathway, and for PGR 55. Tissue repair is much faster than with the slow M1-PK. Also in large hemorrhages, GPR 55 protein and M2-PK are activated.-
Inactive vitamin D type muscle strength.
ADAM had few receptors for calcitriol (vitamin D activated by intense muscular work). He wasn't as strong as the lulu, but he had more inactive vitamin D receptors in his body, so by nightfall he didn't lose muscle strength or become immobilized. After hybridizing with the lulus, the new men were no longer useful as miners from Sun to Sun but could move at night as well as during the day.
circadian cycle.
The circadian cycle of the lulu is still present in the ADAMIC. It is less obvious because it is limited to "living during the day without getting too tired and sleeping at night."
normal cell function
Human physiology requires a constant Neutral or slightly alkaline pH of 7.3. Cancer likes an acidic pH. When the pH drops, the probability of cellular malignancy increases.
The physiological lifestyle of an ADAMIC cell begins when anandamide binds to its CB3-like receptor (cannabinoid 3) at pH 7.3.
Anandamide is the Queen substance of metabolism. All cells produce it and all have receptors for it. The biology of any cell is 100% activated when the anandamide it produces binds to its CB3 receptor. This occurs with a neutral pH between anandamide and receptor, 7.3

Formation of a cancer in an ADAMIC man
As the pH decreases (it becomes acidic) the ability of anandamide to bind to the CB3 receptor decreases and then the cell does not function well. There are specialized cells capable of regenerating the pH with alkaline calcium ions when it drops below 7.3. While you are young, you have many pH repair cells, but if you make them work too hard, they wear out before their time. --For example, eating acidic (cooked) food daily--. In old age they can be scarce and the pH can remain acid for a long time. Old age is the stage of life in which it is more difficult to maintain a neutral pH and more cancer originates.
The GPR55 protein is responsible for cell plasia (formation of new tissues by division of stem cells). It is encapsulated (imprisoned-prisoner) within the CB3 receptor, and permanently inhibited by anandamide which constantly binds to the CB3 receptor. It is only activated (released) when cell plasia is needed. If anandamide cannot bind to the CB3 receptor due to prolonged acidic pH, the GPR55 protein is disinhibited (released), the tumor suppressor gene is inhibited, and the oncogene is released. And the good cell (aerobic) releases its telomeres and becomes bad (lulu stem cell, anaerobic without telomere restriction).

How to avoid cancer?
In 1931, the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to Mr. Otto Heinrich Warbur who later postulated that cancer is due to a non-physiological diet and lifestyle. The main thing to avoid the appearance of cancer is behavior and physiological food. The physiological behavior is to live with ADAM genetics and forget the lulu genetics. Physiological food is what feeds, heals and does not age. Physiological eating is eating fruit, milk and honey and forgetting about Anunnaki food and kitchen utensils to kill the little food and vitamins they contain. Cancer lurks behind pots, pans, pans, stoves, ovens, grills, and microwaves.
physiological behavior.
In the pre-ADANIC people, the physiological behavior was to dig and dig with a naked pick and shovel under the Sun, from Sun to Sun. The oncogene governed the entire anaerobic metabolism, with M2-PK and GPR 55 protein. OH)2 cholecalciferol inhibited the GPR 55 protein and the cancer stopped. At lunchtime they cooled off with watermelon. Watermelon seeds with amygdalin stopped the formation of cancer. Working nobody generated cancer under the Sun.
After hybridization, the physiological behavior of the lulus became ANTI-PHYSIOLOGICAL behavior. The oncogene was dethroned and the ADÁNICO tumor suppressor gene came to govern human physiology. The oncogene went into the background and only wakes up on rare occasions of tissue or metabolic emergency, to repair extensive injuries (large burns, large hemorrhages, etc.) or to generate a lot of ATP quickly and abundantly in a sports competition (Rugby, foodball , cycling, etc.)
The cancerous physiology that in the lulus was physiological in the ADAMIC became NOT physiological because cancer had been prohibited.
Knocking often on the door of the oncogene can wake it up and reveal it completely. The intense physical activity required by sport makes the athlete resort to anaerobic physiology governed by the oncogene. The activated oncogene produces M2-PK to speed up glycolysis and produce more ATP. Extreme glycolysis produces lactic acid in abundance. Lactic acid is acid. The acid lowers the pH. Lactic acid is toxic, decreases performance and causes pain and fatigue. He also produces free "painful shoelaces" as a reminder that "it's okay to run, but it's better not to run so much." The acidic pH prevents the binding of anandamide to its CB3 receptor. Failure of anandamide to bind to its CB3 receptor causes the release of the GPR 55 protein. The GPR protein initiates cell plasia. Unchecked cell plasia originates cancer cells.
Physiological feeding.
The physiological diet of the pre-ADANICS was the Anunnaki diet. A set of vegetables of folic acid.
Green leafy vegetables


Before the arrival of the Anunnaki and the Elohim on Earth there were tannic trees, trees without fruit. Tannic trees use tannic acid as a chelator for heavy metals in the soil, which captures them and forms tannins, compounds that imprison heavy metals in the woody fibers of the trunks. Its leaves can only be digested by powerful stomachs such as that of lizards (birds) and reptiles. Millions of years later, with the Anunnaki reptilians, some folic acid vegetables arrived in the "FERTIL GROWING KIT". Green leafy vegetables lettuce, onion, garlic, cabbage, celery, spinach, Swiss chard, artichoke, safflower, etc. It was the specific diet for the lulus that, with their anaerobic metabolism and vitamin D activated in the kidney by the heat of intense exercise under the sun, provided them with enough energy from glucose. After the intake of folic vegetables, a rapid intestinal absorption of glucose was produced, which caused a rapid post-prandial hyperglycemia that was maintained for about 2 hours. The glucose quickly reached all the organs of the lulus and they could continue working without delay. Plants had various functions. Cucumbers were febrifuge, they reduced temperature, very useful so that the muscle chaperones (heat shock proteins that support the cellular prion) would not break down when the miner overheated working in the mine under the sun.
Green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, chard, spinach, provided vitamin K1. K1 is involved in the hepatic synthesis of blood coagulation factors. Without vitamin K1, the miners bled to death in a few days at the slightest touch or sneeze or simply when their menstruation came because all the miners were female but not effeminate. Vitamin K1 did not have, and does not have now, the ability to clean excess cholesterol deposited in the arteries. The lulus did not eat animal fats and the cholesterol they produced, despite being constant, consumed it all in muscular work. Vitamin K1 did not clean arteries because lulus did not foul arteries. They did not have atherosclerosis.
The watermelon provided glucose water and citrulline that generated nitric oxide, the natural vasodilator of the human body. With watermelon blood came in torrents to the muscular mass. The watermelon seeds contained amygdalin, an anticancer so that the cancer would not get out of control while the lulu was useful in the mine. If he escaped, out of the mine without watermelon, he would die of cancer.
Folic acid is not a chelator. It does not retain the heavy metals that plants absorb through their roots from the soil. Its leaves contain vitamins and proteins and glucose but also heavy metals. They do not serve as food (nor as anti-anaerobic or anti-aging medicines). They only serve as maintenance (they age you, they do not heal anything but they keep you alive).
The lulus did not have the problem of generalized aging caused by heavy metals because their regenerative medicine was of the "rejuvenation" type for cancer. However, if they could suffer localized aging on the nervous system. Vegetables were grown hydroponically, in hanging gardens, to avoid metals that would damage the irreplaceable neurons of the lulus.
How did those who escaped from the mining area die?
The lulus had several "metabolic holes", defects in the metabolism consisting of which they could not produce by themselves some compound necessary for their metabolism. If a certain compound was missing, the metabolism stopped at a certain point. The compounds that their metabolism could not manufacture were supplied in the Anunnaki diet, in the form of "vitamins" (because they were vital). Such is the case of vitamins A, B, C. D, K1 and oleic acid.
Those who escaped died in a few days from total vitamin deficiency.
The green leaves of folic vegetables support (contain and feed) a bacterium that produces vitamin K1, vital for blood coagulation. Without eating folic green leaves, they died in a short time, bled to death in spontaneous or accidental hemorrhages.
They couldn't eat eggs (from reptiles, amphibians, and birds) because eggs contain avidin, a glycoprotein that destroys vitamin B8. Without vitamin B8 you lose your strength and fall to the ground...
They couldn't eat fish, crustaceans, or mollusks because they contain thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys thiamine (vit.B1). Without vitamin B1 they lost their strength and fell to the ground...
They could not eat animal meat because the lulus produced salivary and gastric haptocorrin that blocked the intestinal absorption of vitamin B12. without vit. B12 the lulus became demyelinated, lost their strength and fell to the ground...
The lulus were a sterile species, unable to reproduce because their "Y" sex chromosome had been removed. They were a species declared extinct.

ADAM's physiological diet was the EDEN diet:
Fruits of a set of vegetables of phytic acid. The fruit trees of EDEN.
With ADAM came, in his Survival Kit, fruit, milk and honey to the planet. And he was able to do without the Anunnaki diet of folic vegetables.
EDEN was a land flowing with milk and honey. The milk was supplied by the ruminants that arrived with 4 stomachs and divided and split hooves at the same time. The ruminants fed on the grasses that grew under the fruit trees. They kept the vineyards free of brambles, thistles, and weeds. Honey was supplied by bees pollinating fruit trees and other flowers. The fruit trees of EDEN grow in such a way that their branches are always close to the ground, ready for the hands of man. You do not have to make anaerobic efforts or resort to the M2-PK enzyme to pick the fruit that the phytic tree offers you. You just have to stretch out your arm and pick up the fruit. Life in the vineyard is relaxed and pleasant. In the vineyard, life time can be used to learn how the UNIVERSE of LOVE works.
Lulus only had the anaerobic pathway of glycolysis. With ADAM came two new metabolic pathways: Fructolysis and Galactolysis. Fructolysis allowed him to obtain ATP by breaking down the hesoxa fructose contained in fruits. Galactolysis allowed him to obtain energy by breaking down hesoxa galactose in milk. Both governed by the tumor suppressor gene. ADÁN could eat everything: fruit, vegetables, meat and milk. But he only ate fruit and drank milk because his teeth were designed only for fruit and milk. ADÁN was lacto-frugivorous.

When the Adamic man ate fruit and only fruit:

The free fructose of the fruits that passed into the blood through its specific receptor, Adamic type, did not produce hyperglycemia or feed the cancer cells that could only eat glucose.
Glucose linked to fructose forming a disaccharide (sucrose), in fruits, usually represents 50% of the hexose. When sucrose bound to its specifically Adamic "mixed" receptor, it caused blockade of the lulus receptors for glucose. When intestinal sucrase broke the union between sucrose and fructose, the fructose released was what passed into the blood and did not produce post-prandial hyperglycemia, so diabetics can eat fruit even if they do not have insulin. The released glucose did not pass, it remained in the lumen and was not used. In the Adamic men who ate only fruit, from the first bite, the cancer cells began to starve...
The free glucose of the fruits did not pass into the blood through its specific blocked receptor.
The ingestion of glucose, for example from meat, produces a rapid and high post-prandial glycaemia. It spreads rapidly throughout the body and reaches all organs and tissues. The one that reaches the liver and the muscle is transformed into reserve glycogen and stored there. So eating meat is equivalent to eating glucose. Glucose that can be quickly used, in post-prandial hyperglycemia, by cancer cells (exclusively anaerobic metabolism). The WHO (world health organization) warned in 2015 that eating meat causes cancer, especially red and processed meat. Glucose that is stored in glycogen when glycogen breaks down again generates new glucose.
After its absorption, fructose goes directly to the liver through the portal vein where it can be stored as glycogen or transformed by the anaerobic fructolytic pathway into pyruvate in the cytosol and from there it passes into the interior of the mitochondria to generate ATP. The glycogen formed from fructose leaves a fructolytic trace and when it degrades it does so as fructose and not as glucose, so the cancer continues to starve...
The EDEN diet came with the EDEN Survival Kit. It contained the fruits of the phytic acid trees and the milk of the ruminants with 4 stomachs with divided and cloven hooves at the same time and the honey of the killer bees guarding the vineyards of EDEN.

ADAM was lacto-frugivorous

The great food adulteration
diet 666

The great daily invasion of ions into our body is caused by ourselves by eating cooked (heated) foods with preservatives, dyes, etc. When heated, they lose electrons and become ionized, becoming radicals that steal electrons as they pass through our body. The digestive tract is the organ that presents the most cancer.
The 666 diet is the one that is packaged. Build your intention away from the PHYTATE/FITASA duo. Build an inverted food pyramid. Solid ionizing base and aging with disease at the top.

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The Garden of EDEN. The first rainfed vineyard.
The Garden of EDEN was not a showy garden of large, exotic, showy and leafy trees but a DRY VINEYARD
Why phytic trees?
The Earth has suffered many planetary catastrophes, asteroid crashes, meteor showers, which have left their mark and have covered it with heavy metals.

The EDEN diet came with the EDEN Survival Kit. It contained the fruits of the phytic acid trees and the milk of the ruminants with 4 stomachs with divided and cloven hooves at the same time and the honey of the killer bees guarding the vineyards of EDEN.

The Garden of EDEN. The first rainfed vineyard.
The Garden of EDEN was not a showy garden of large, exotic, showy and leafy trees but a DRY VINEYARD
Why phytic trees?
The Earth has suffered many planetary catastrophes, asteroid crashes, meteor showers, which have left their mark and have covered it with heavy metals.
Metals are incompatible with the "Life of Clay"
The life of clay (the body, not the spirit) uses almost exclusively light chemical elements with an atomic number less than 9. Their atoms join in a covalent bond that shares electrons and allows this flexible, static and dynamic structure:

Metals and heavier elements with an atomic number greater than 8 join with much stronger metallic or ionic bonds that give rise to rigid structures.

ionic bond


Heavy metals when ingested destroy cells and cause aging.

The phytic trees of EDEN (phytic fruit trees) came after the tannic acid trees (fruitless trees) and after the folic acid vegetables (green leafy vegetables) but before the Flood.

Between the zone where the cold winter prevents the growth of tropical tannic trees and between the zone of summer heat that prevents the growth of northern tannic trees, the Garden of EDEN was planted there.

The phytic trees of EDEN resist cold and heat, humidity and drought. Their leaves capture moisture from the atmosphere and even if it doesn't rain for a long time they can continue to bear fruit.

EDEN was a rainfed VINEYARD of phytic vegetables
The fruits of the fruit trees of EDEN are transgenic fruits created by vegetable genetic engineering of ELOHIM extraterrestrial technology. They are fruits that feed man, keep him young and healthy throughout his longevity. In EDEN There is no aging or disease.

Bitter almond, cherry, plum, apricot, peach, walnut, hazel, pistachio, carob, pear, apple, fig, vine, cannabis, wheat, date palm, cedar, cypress, Boswellia and commiphora among others.
A land flowing with milk and honey. The ELOHIM explained it: The phytic fruit trees.


"...every tree that has fruit that bears seed; this will be your food."
Food is what provides vitality, health, cures all diseases and does not age

"Everything that moves and lives, will be for your maintenance: as well as vegetables and green plants, I have given you everything."
The "maintenance" diet is a diet that does not cure but ages, it only keeps you alive for as long as you consume it. This is the case of the Anunnaki diet, green leafy vegetables.

Forbidden to cut fruit trees
19 "When you besiege a city for many days, fighting against it to take it, you shall not destroy its trees by thrusting an ax at them; you shall not cut them down, for you can eat of them. For is the tree of the field a man that you make room?"

20 "Only the trees you know do not bear fruit, you can destroy and cut them down, to build siege engines against the city that is at war with you, until it falls."

Deut. 22:9 "Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with two kinds of seed, lest all the fruit of the seed which thou sowed and the produce of the vine become useless.
There are only two kinds of seeds: the folic acid vegetable (Anunnaki) and the phytic acid vegetable (ELOHIM). The seed fruit is the fruit free from heavy metals, and rich in phytate which retains metals and prevents them from being absorbed in the digestive tract, they also contain phytate, anandamide, melatonin, vitamin K2, cannabidiol acid and amygdalin to prevent disease and cancer. The product of the vineyard is youth and health, free from disease, cancer, infection, autoimmune disease or stroke.
Which seeds to choose?
Those of folic acid or those of phytic acid?
Those who heal nothing and age or those who heal everything and do not age?
What did Cain and Abel plant?


Cancer cells are anaerobic, viruses infect healthy aerobic cells and make them work for them with anaerobic metabolism, pathogenic bacteria are anaerobic, autoimmune cells are anaerobic. Aging is anaerobic, --if killed cells die it is because they have been made to work with anaerobic metabolism until they burst or because they have been killed by anaerobic and toxic agents--. Everything bad and sick is anaerobic.
For thousands of years, the fruit trees of EDEN have preserved the health and youth of men. They produce live food and medicines, year after year and without profit. Medicines are in its seeds.
Quince, apple, pear, apricot, peach, cherry, bitter almond plum and grape seeds contain amygdalin, which directly kills anaerobic cells of all types (cancerous, infected or autoimmune).
The skin and seeds of black grapes contain resveratrol, a living substance that directly kills anaerobic cells of all kinds, cancer, infectious, etc.
The green leaves and flowers of cannabis and its seeds (not the dead and dried ones) contain anandamide, a living substance that causes the suicide of cancer cells.
Pistachio, hazelnut and walnut seeds contain melatonin, a living substance that inhibits the GPR55 protein and stops cancer
Live olives and extra virgin olive oil contain essential linoleic and oleic acid
Amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol and melatonin are the health in EDEN.

Terrestrial heavy metals Vs phytate/phytase in Paraíso EDÉN

Aging is an anaerobic disease that can be stopped
Getting old is not mandatory. You have been deceived.

The phytate that surrounds the seeds of phytic trees, together with the phytase produced by bacillus subtilis, are the solution to earthly aging due to metals.
All the seeds of the phytic vegetables in KIT EDEN contain a phytin coating, especially pomegranate and bitter almond. Also wheat. Phytin together with phytase are the key to ANTI-AGING.
Phytic trees and vegetables use phytic acid as a chelator (sequestrant) of metals. The metals captured by the roots are locked in woody fibers in trunks and branches. Metals no longer reach the leaves. In them lives a bacterium, the bacillus subtilis, an aerobic phytate-dependent KIT EDEN that feeds on the phytate of the leaves. It lives in all the leaves of phytic vegetables and especially in fast-growing ones such as wheat and cannabis.
Bacillus subtilis is part of the aerobic (good) intestinal flora, of phytate-dependent bacteria that produce phytase and all the specific vitamins for humans. Its function is to produce phytase and all the vitamins that man needs. Well fed with phytate, it grows and displaces other opportunistic and pathogenic (anaerobic) bacteria.
In the digestive tract, during digestion, the enzyme phytase breaks down phytate, causing the gradual release of nutrients from the "mud of life." Heavy metals, with stronger ionic or metallic bonds, are unable to detach from the phytate and are evacuated from the interior of the body without being absorbed.
Phytate-dependent bacteria feed on phytate. The seeds of phytic trees are surrounded by a phytate coating that feeds phytate-dependent bacteria in the digestive tract.
Apart from the vitamins provided by the vegetables, fruits, leaves and seeds of KIT EDEN, the well-fed phytate-dependent bacteria synthesize ALL THE VITAMINS MAN NEEDS in the intestine: Vitamin A, D, E, K2, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B12 and C, so it is not necessary to eat animal meat to acquire them. Meat and fish cause cancer and contain prions that age.
Natural phytate (Phytin) vs. synthetic artificial phytate.
The original versus the upstart.
The natural phytate in vegetables is calcium magnesium myo-inositol hexaphosphate (phytin). It is produced in plants by the union of phytic acid with calcium and magnesium to phosphates.
Calcium and magnesium are two alkaline earth elements, that is, they will easily lose 2 electrons from their last shell to be able to keep 8 electrons in the penultimate, making it a virtual "last" shell of 8 electrons in order to satisfy the octet law. Since they are of even atomic number, they do not have to satisfy the electron pair law.
Phytin is a chelator and binds to everything found in the digestive tract, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, etc. It retains them until it encounters the enzyme phytase produced by phytate-dependent bacteria that feed on phytate. Phytase hydrolyzes the phytin bonds so that all the light nutrients that the body needs are slowly released, while heavier compounds, which are not nutrients, such as heavy metals, are retained. That is why it acts as a master antioxidant in the digestive tract of man and is not anti-nutrient but super nutrient. It is the ideal nutrient for man. "THE ELIXIR OF ETERNAL YOUTH"
The specific food of phytate-dependent bacteria is phytate-type phytin. Phytate is found in the skin that surrounds the seeds of the fruits of predominantly phytic trees (almond, peach, plum, apricot, cherry, walnut, hazel, pistachio, pomegranate, apple, pear, fig, locust, quince, fig and vine), and predominantly phytic vegetables: cannabis, cereals (wheat, amaranth, rice, sesame, corn). -- For example: When we peel a toasted almond by rubbing its surface with our fingers, the phytate is the skin that easily skips, revealing a white almond.--
Phytate in food is denatured by water, freezing, and cooking.
Calcium phytate and sodium phytate are synthetic phytates (non-natural, non-vegetable, dead not made for life) that are used in bioavailability studies as substitutes for natural phytin-type phytate because it is not available. Sodium has to satisfy the octet law and since it has an odd atomic number (11) it also has to satisfy the law of the pair of electrons, so the bond to other compounds, as a chelating agent, is stronger than the one that forms the phytin (Ca+Mg of even atomic number). The calcium phytate and sodium phytate chelate bonds strongly bind lighter elements such as nitrogen and carbon, acting as anti-nutrients. Studies to see if unnatural phytate was antinutrient or nutrient found that dead kills, meaning dead phytate is antinutrient.
The natural and live phytin phytate is the original chelating agent of KIT EDEN, it is the specific nutrient for men, together with phytase they are the elixir of eternal youth.

ADAM AT 25 YEARS OLD                ADAM AT 930 YEARS OLD

Anunnaki Vitamin K1 Vs Vitamin K2 ELOHIM
Vitamin K1 is involved in the synthesis of blood coagulation factors to prevent bleeding.
Vitamin K2 is involved in the synthesis of blood coagulation factors to prevent bleeding. It has two more functions that vit does not have. K1:
Removes calcium deposited in soft tissue to prevent vascular accidents and calcifications.
Involved in cell apoptosis. Without it, both good and bad cells cannot commit suicide.
A vitamer is a false or pseudo-vitamin. K1 was a vitamin for the lulu but after hybridization it turned out to be a vitamer for the ADAM man. Vitamin K2 is the real thing for man. It is a much longer vitamin than K1 and, in addition to intervening in the synthesis of coagulation factors, it also intervenes in the removal of calcium that is inappropriately deposited in soft tissues. Prevents calcification of the heart, arteries, tendons, etc. (along with phytate) and promotes bone calcification (along with phytate). And it is also involved in cell apoptosis. It makes it possible for old cells to kill themselves in due time, just when they ask for it. In this way, the old-age receptors, which are a lure for oncoviruses that use them as gateways to old cells, are no longer expressed on the surface of old cells. In the presence of vitamin K2 and vitamin D2 or/and D3, cancer cells commit suicide by the action of anandamide or cannabidiol acid. The receptor for vitamin K2 is the same as for the K1 vitamer and is encoded on the X sex chromosome. The Anunnaki diet contains the bacteria that synthesize K1. EDEN's Elohim Diet contains phytate-dependent aerobic bacteria that synthesize vitamin K2. If the receptor is occupied by K1, K2 will not be able to adhere to it and soft tissue calcification will begin, as well as the lack of suicide of old or cancerous cells. You can not serve to two lords.
Aging affects any body tissue. The youth of the arteries is essential for longevity. Phytate and vitamin K2 are EDEN's remedy against arteriosclerosis, to clean arteries.
Vitamin K2 is made by Bacillus Subtilis. It is a phytate-dependent aerobic bacillus found in the soil and on the leaves and skin of the fruits of phytic vegetables. Its official residence is the leaves of the vegetable that it has the most and the fastest it manufactures: Cannabis.

Atherosclerosis is the aging of the arteries.
The endothelial cells that line and form the inner lining of the arteries are impermeable. As long as they remain intact, almost nothing adheres because almost everything slips on them except fluorine.
Atherosclerosis is a reduction in the vascular lumen (internal diameter of the arteries). It is produced by sedimentation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries. Atherosclerotic plaques can contain anything: FLUORIDE + heavy metals + calcium + cholesterol + semi-heavy metals + food additives + anti-adherents PTFE + BPA + PET etc. mixed and deposited inside the blood vessels.
In order for atherosclerosis to occur, a small lesion must first occur in the vascular endothelium. The injury begins when fluorine or any other heavy metal or foreign compound in the body touches the vascular epithelium and kills endothelial cells.
Calcium is an alkaline-earth with a desire to lose two electrons to satisfy the "octet law". Fluorine is an halogen of atomic number 9, so its desire to steal electrons is twofold: It wants to steal an electron to satisfy the "octet law" and it also wants it to satisfy the "electron pair law". Fluoride that enters the body quickly binds to calcium in the blood and forms calcium fluoride (F2Ca). Calcium fluoride precipitates from the blood onto the vascular endothelium, killing cells and injuring it. From a micro-injury in the vascular endothelium, cholesterol + calcium + fluoride + heavy metals + semi-heavy metals, + etc. can already adhere to it.

How to beat and kill cancer?
EDEN's living medicines kill cancer, HIV, COVID and any anaerobic pathogen, without harming anaerobic cells, The EDEN diet offers us 5 different ways to kill cancer
There are 5 ways or ways to kill cancer.

No. 1.- Starve him.
No. 2.- Kill him by suffocation.
Nº 3.- Kill it by oxidation.
Nº 4.- Kill him by making him commit suicide.
Nº 5.- Kill it with physical exercise.

No. 1.- Starve him to death.
How to starve cancer to death:
Human cells, both the healthy and good ones and the bad or cancerous ones, use 6-carbohydrates (hexoses) to obtain energy. Good cells have a metabolism that has 2 phases. Initially, the anaerobic part of glycolysis breaks down oxygen-free hexoses to pyruvate. In the second phase, in an aerobic section that uses oxygen as the final electron acceptor, pyruvate is degraded to Adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP, pure energy for the cell).
However, when a good cell becomes bad (it becomes malignant and becomes cancerous) it gives up the aerobic leg of the metabolic pathway and uses only the anaerobic leg to obtain ATP. The reason is that the aerobic metabolic pathway is actually a loop within cellular metabolism that slows down and slows energy production. As the anaerobic section is 200 times faster in producing ATP, the bad cells prefer it because it allows them to obtain more energy with which to grow faster, form a tumor and kill the human.
There are 3 hexoses: Galactose from milk, fructose from fruits and glucose from meats and green leafy vegetables.
Good (aerobic) cells can use any of the 3 forms of hexoses to get the energy they need to stay alive. However, bad cells or cancerous/anaerobic cells, in their anaerobic section can only use hexose glucose. Its anaerobic metabolism only allows glucose to be used as an energy source. It cannot break down fructose because it lacks the enzyme needed to initiate fructolysis metabolism. It cannot break down galactose because it lacks the enzyme needed to initiate galactolysis metabolism. These necessary enzymes are encoded and governed by the tumor suppressor gene but not by the oncogene that drives cancer. The cancer cell only feeds on glucose. It starves to death if the human only eats fructose or/and galactose and totally dispenses with glucose.

But!. -- There is always a but --
This way of starving cancer to death will only work if you scrupulously respect the rule of eating only fructose and galactose. Which means that you have to live in a land flowing with milk and honey.
On the contrary if you eat glucose (basically meat, green leafy vegetables, tubers and cereals except wheat) you will be feeding cancer.

No. 2.- Kill cancer by suffocation.
How to suffocate cancer to death:
The human body works with aerobic metabolism. ALL HEALTHY LIVING CELLS OPERATE WITH AEROBIC METABOLISM. So there are no aerobic diseases. All diseases are anaerobic (CAUSED BY ANAEROBES).
-- Red blood cells (red blood cells, red blood cells, erythrocytes) do not have mitochondria, so they work with anaerobic metabolism. They are a remnant of the old lulu cells. They cannot become malignant because they do not have a nucleus and they cannot die from the amygdalin cyanide either because they do not eat or have life, they are already born dead, they function without life for a short time of about one hundred and twenty days. They're just balloons carrying oxygen. Red blood cell-forming hematopoietic stem cells have fewer telomere restrictions to be able to create as large a number of red blood cells as those produced throughout human longevity.--
Aerobic (good) cells use oxygen as the final acceptor in a chain of electrons that produces:
Energy in the form of ATP + cyanide + H2O + CO2
Cyanide is toxic but it does not harm the aerobic cell because it has an enzyme that is specially manufactured to neutralize cyanide. The enzyme RHODANASE, which neutralizes cyanide, converting it into thiocyanate, a food for the cell.
RHODANASE is the most important enzyme in the body. Without it there is no aerobic life. All people make it. They all have it.
Bad cells have anaerobic metabolism, they do not use oxygen as the final acceptor of an electron chain that produces:
Energy in the form of ATP + Lactic Acid + H2O + CO2. But they do NOT produce cyanide.
Since they do not produce cyanide, they do not need the enzyme rhodanase to neutralize it. Cancer cells do not produce rhodanase which means they can be killed by cyanide.
And the million dollar question...
Is there any food in nature that contains cyanide between 2 glucose molecules and serves to kill cancer?
Answer: YES
Thousands of years ago, aliens arrived on Earth and brought us an EDEN survival kit. A set of transgenic vegetables that produced live medicated fruits. Fruits that produced live, natural medicines (not packaged dead medicines), and that were used to KILL ANAEROBIC CELLS OF ALL KINDS AND TO STOP AGING.
Such is the case of the bitter almond.

The bitter almond is a dry fruit that contains a cyanide molecule between 2 glucose molecules. A sophisticated Elohim genetically engineered trap to kill anaerobic cells such as cancer cells or viruses and other anaerobic pathogens. It comes very well protected in a wooden case that protects it from inclement weather for a long time.

Cyanide is toxic and damages the anaerobic cell because it does not have an enzyme to neutralize it. IT DOESN'T HAVE WHEELS. So when the human eats bitter almonds, the cancer cells also eat their glucose and when the amygdalin cyanide along with the benzaldehyde is released inside the starving cancer cell it kills it by suffocation.

And end of cancer.
But! There is always a but...
In the world we live in, illness moves more money than health. It is likely that even if you go looking for bitter almonds you will not find them. You will probably only find sweet almonds that DO NOT CONTAIN AMYGDALINA.
There is a worldwide campaign to eliminate the prunus amygdalus amara species from the face of the Earth.

The persecution is relentless.
Bitter almond trees are being hunted with NIRS near-infrared spectroscopy technology.

They are geo-located by drones equipped with NIRS technology.

And when they are discovered, a team of workers comes to uproot them.

And even the few almonds that can escape and reach the selection and distribution chain are detected with Artificial Vision Systems."

Few reach the mouth.

Relic of EDEN free

Prunus Amygdalus Amara Vs Prunus Dulcis
The original versus the upstart
The bitter almond from Prunus amygdalus amara is the original. Originally from EDEN, a strange mutation arose from it that gave rise to the "prunus dulcis" variant, which is no longer a bitter almond because it does not contain amygdalin, it loses it as it matures.
The prunus dulcis kernel is a living food but without medication and only serves to feed but does not kill anaerobic cells of any kind. It is the one that is not persecuted and can be easily purchased in the market to the point of obfuscating the bitter almond.
Amygdalin is the natural defense of the bitter almond tree against infections by pathogenic microorganisms (anaerobes).
Amygdalin kills anaerobic cells of all kinds like viruses and bacteria that infect plant cells when they take its glucose hook. Thanks to it, the bitter almond tree can live its long life span of several hundred years healthy and reach great size.
Centennial wild bitter almond.

Giant bitter almond trees several hundred years old are no longer to be seen today. The almond trees prunus var. dulcis do not have amygdalin so they are often infected by anaerobic pathogens and die young. Most die before the age of 50 and do not usually exceed 5 meters in height. The few who manage to reach 100 years do not exceed 10 meters. The farmers, knowing their innate weakness, graft the foot of the Prunus amygdalus amara almond tree with a Prunus dulcis stem. In this way they avoid premature death due to infection of the roots but cannot avoid infection of the stem, and the sweet almond tree dies at an early age, due to a strange "Anunnaki suicide mutation", without being able to consume its genetic longevity.
Other seeds of the genus prunus have amygdalin

All the living and healthy cells of the human body work with aerobic metabolism and therefore they all manufacture the enzyme RHODANASE that inactivates the cyanide that is produced naturally during their metabolism. All people have RHODANASE and everyone can eat bitter almonds.
Toxicological studies indicate that the amount of fatal cyanide for man is about 8 mg/kg of weight. A man weighing 75 kilos requires 600 mg of cyanide to die.
The different bitter almonds that exist of the prunus genus (cherry, plum, apricot, peach and bitter almond) have different amounts of cyanide that range between 200 and 400 mg / Kg. of peeled natural almond.
8.5% of the weight of the almond is water, which, discounting it, results in about 1100 gr. of dried almond. The one that contains the most is the bitter almond of prunus amygdalus amara. About 400 mg per kilogram. It is estimated that eating in one sitting between 1650 gr. of dry almond without shell of prunus amygdalus amara or/and 3300 gr. of shelled dry bitter almonds of the other prunus genera can kill an adult person.
To die from eating bitter almonds, in a supposed man weighing 75 kg, approximately 1100 gr are needed. of dry raw almonds without shell, that is to say 1100 dry almonds without shell of 1.1 gr. each prunus amygdalus amara, rapidly eaten within minutes to ensure that the total amount of cyanide needed to kill coincides in time, so that the constant scavenging capacity of rhodanase does not reduce it below the lethal dose.
The shell of the almond represents approximately 80% of the weight of the almond, while the shelled almond represents 20%.

1100 gr of peeled raw almonds.
4.4 Kg of bitter almonds with shell.

Nº 3.- Kill it by oxidizing it.
How to drown cancer with hydrogen peroxide until it kills it:
In the mitochondrial aerobic pathway, oxygen is used as the final electron acceptor. The electrons circulate like an electric current until the end of their journey where they join, two by two, the hydrogen that we breathe, to form water. This is the mechanics of mitochondrial respiration, some leave and others arrive so that the current of electrons does not stop and energy production is maintained. At the end ATP, CO2, CYANIDE and H2O are produced. In the aerobic pathway, mitochondrial respiration is supervised by specific antioxidant enzymes. If an electron escapes from the electrical path, they capture it and convert it into hydrogen peroxide and then into harmless water. And the good cell is not damaged.
In contrast, in the anaerobic pathway, oxygen is not the final electron acceptor. The anaerobic cell does not have intracellular antioxidant enzymes typical of mitochondrial respiration because it does not need them. Which means that it is not prepared to neutralize oxygen and can be oxidized.
And the million dollar question... how to get oxygen to the anaerobic cell if it does not breathe oxygen?
Is there any food in nature that naturally increases the amount of hydrogen peroxide inside the cells and serves to kill cancer by oxidizing it?
Answer: YES
Thousands of years ago, aliens arrived on Earth and brought us an EDEN survival kit. A set of transgenic vegetables that produced live medicated fruits. Fruits that produced living, natural medicines (not packaged dead medicines), and that served to kill anaerobic cells of all kinds.
Such is the case of the black grape.

The black grape contains resveratrol in its skin and in its seeds. Resveratrol is a living medicine that works by increasing intracellular production of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) up to 14 times, both in good cells and in bad cells.
In good cells, after ingestion of black seeded grapes, the increase in superoxide dismutase produces
14 times more effective intracellular scavenging of free radicals. The radicals are transformed into hydrogen peroxide by the enzyme Glutathione (GPX) that works coupled to SOD. Hydrogen peroxide is transformed into water by the action of the enzyme catalase (CAT), which also works coupled to SOD. The three antioxidant enzymes leave the aerobic cell super clean after eating black grapes with their seeds.
Also in the bad cells, the increase in superoxide dismutase by the action of resveratrol is followed by a
14-fold increase in the production of hydrogen peroxide. 14 times more hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing problem for the cancer cell. In anaerobic cancer cells, the enzymes glutathione and catalase do not work coupled to SOD and the hydrogen peroxide that accumulates intoxicates the cell and kills it by oxidizing it. And end of cancer
But! --There is always a but --
In the world we live in, illness moves more money than health. It is likely that even if you go looking for black grapes with seeds, you will not find them. You will probably find only white and pink seedless grapes that DO NOT CONTAIN REVERATROL, and their derivatives champagne and white cava but not red wine fermented in the old way.

No. 4.- Kill cancer by making it commit suicide.
How to force cancer cells to commit suicide?
Natural cell therapy is the way the human body rejuvenates itself daily.
Natural cell therapy consists of replacing old or useless cells (damaged, diseased or cancerous) with new ones. Stem cells have unlocked telomeres and can divide to form new daughter cells. The daughters have a blocked telomere and SHOULD NEVER divide. When a daughter cell divides, it does not become a mother cell, it becomes cancerous.
When an aging cell decides to give way to a younger cell, it calls out to its mother by expressing aging receptors on its surface. The mother cell goes to say goodbye to the daughter. When the mother arrives, the daughter commits suicide. The mother duplicates herself and creates a new daughter cell that takes the place left by her dead sister. In this way, old cells or those that have consumed their useful life (programmed obsolescence) and cancer cells commit suicide without question. For cells, both good and bad, to commit suicide, 3 fundamental substances are needed: Vitamin D, vitamin K2 and anandamide. Anandamide is the substance that induces and orders the suicide of the cell. Vitamin D and K2 are necessary for the prion to detach from the cell membrane. When the prion falls, it leaves a hole through which the extracellular fluid enters the interior and the cell bursts. The prion is the life of the cell. The cell dies when the prion falls off.
Not all people have anandamide + vitamin D + vitamin K2 available at the same time so that good and bad cells can commit suicide. People who live in less sunny places lack sufficient vitamin D. Also, those who, even living in sunny places, are dressed or/and move almost always indoors, lack sufficient vitamin D. Vitamin K2 is produced by a bacterium (bacillus subtilis) that lives feeding on phytate from the leaves of phytic vegetables (those that produce phytate as a metal chelator), and on the skin of their fruits. The quintessential home of the bacillus subtilis is cannabis. Folic (non-phytic) vegetables use folate instead of phytate and do not harbor bacillus subtilus because they cannot feed on them. The folic vegetables in the Anunnaki diet harbor other bacteria that produce vitamer K1 but not vitamin K2. People who eat green leafy vegetables from the Anunnaki diet do not get vitamin K2. People who peel phytic fruits also do not get vitamin K2.
Anandamide is a substance that the brain produces when a person is happy. Its production depends on happiness and declines when the mood decreases.
Due to all these circumstances, 90% of people lack all 3 compounds together at a given time. Circumstances that can be used by anaerobic cells. Cancer would probably kill 90% of people if they didn't die of other causes first.
And the million dollar question... Is there any natural product that can be eaten and contains the 3 fundamental ingredients as in a capricious "3X1" offer?
Answer: Yes
Thousands of years ago, aliens arrived on Earth and brought us an EDEN survival kit. A set of transgenic vegetables that produced live medicated fruits. Fruits that produced non-profit living medicines, and that were used to kill anaerobic cells of all kinds.
Such is the case of cannabis

Cannabis is a phytic vegetable that harbors bacillus subtilis. The bacillus feeds on the phytate in cannabis leaves and coats it with kitamine K2.
On the other hand, the leaves of cannabis, bathed in the sun, produce vitamin D.
Finally, the leaves, stimulated by solar ultraviolet radiation, secrete an oily and sticky substance to defend themselves against radiation. The substance is cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is identical to brain anandamide.
People who eat green (live) cannabis leaves, its live (white) flowers, and its live seeds can kill cancer by causing cancer cell suicide.
But! --There is always a but --
In the world we live in, illness moves more money than health. It is likely that even if you go looking for live cannabis, you will not find it. You will probably find only marijuana, which is dry (dead) cannabis. Dead cannabis decarboxylates acidic (live) cannabidiol and becomes a psychotropic product that does not serve to induce cancer cell suicide. In contrast, live cannavis does not produce any psychotropic effect. Vitamin D and K2 also don't survive after burning... You also likely live in a country that, while allowing recreational marijuana use, doesn't allow the plant to be grown so you don't eat it alive.

Nº 5.- Kill it with physical exercise.
How to kill cancer with physical exercise under the Sun?
The human body also manufactures its own substances to prevent cancer from establishing itself inside. When he is happy he produces anandamide which induces the suicide of cancer cells.
During the day, during daylight hours, it produces a substance capable of preventing the formation of cancer. During the night, at night, it produces a substance that prevents the formation of cancer. Both act on the GPR-55 protein, the protein that initiates the formation of a cancer.
During daytime, doing physical activity naked under the sun, the body activates vitamin D in the kidney, formed by ultraviolet radiation on human skin. It converts it into a super-metabolite, 1,25 (OH) 2 cholecalciferol (calcitriol), which allows cholesterol to enter the adrenal glands. At the same time it acts on the GPR-55 protein, INACTIVATING IT and preventing the onset of cancer.
At night, at night, while sleeping, the brain's pineal gland secretes melatonin, which also inhibits the GPR-55 protein. The amount of melatonin secreted at night is directly proportional to the amount of calcitriol produced during the day. In this way, no one causes cancer, day or night, if they move around naked under the sun during the day. For this reason, cancer is more frequent in sedentary people who spend most of their time indoors. And you probably won't see anyone tanned, strong, and vigorous with cancer, either.
Kill him comfortably with a "miracle product".

How to kill cancer effortlessly?
And the million dollar question... Is there a miraculous product that can kill cancer without having to exercise naked under the Sun or having to eat only fruits from the EDEN Kit?
Answer: Yes
At a time when humanity did not have pharmaceutical chemistry, the EDEN diet, of transgenic fruits that produced food-medicines, served for thousands of years to feed and care for humans with health and youth. But EDEN has suffered many attacks and hardly anyone remembers that in EDEN, thanks to its diet, there was no disease or aging.
A few years ago, seeing that on Earth people were dying of cancer for not following the transgenic diet of EDEN, some aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy brought us a miraculous chemical that also serves to kill all types of anaerobic cells (cancerous, viral and other pathogens). It is CHLORINE DIOXIDE, also known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). It is CHLORINE DIOXIDE (CLO2)
Chlorine dioxide acts by oxidation on anaerobic cells. The type of death it produces on cancer cells, viruses and other pathogens is comparable to that produced by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) accumulated inside anaerobic cells due to the effect of resveratrol from transgenic black grapes from EDEN and the enzyme superoxide dismutase .
Thanks to today's modern chemistry, man can easily manufacture large amounts of chlorine dioxide for all mankind. Some pharmaceutical companies and some disease shysters tremble at the thought of humanity waking up.
Many countries have banned the use of chlorine dioxide as medicine to heal. They only allow it to be used to kill anaerobic cells that are outside the human body, for example as a water purifier or to disinfect surfaces. Some people don't want you to use it to kill anaerobic cells inside you, like viruses (covid, HIV) and cancer cells.






Hybridization "lulu" X ADÁN
Lulu karyotype: n=23(X). They were haploid (a single chromosomal lining of 23 chromosomes, of which the X chromosome, which was of ape origin (Cro-Magnon hominid), determined the female reproductive system with a lot of testosterone and hair. They reproduced by budding. Their ovary gave rise to a cell "germinal" that was activated by the lulu's own will, and began to divide and originate a new lulu man. It had a female reproductive system (ovary, tubes, uterus and vagina. It lacked a penis because it did not need to be fertilized to reproduce itself. It auto reproduced only by budding when desired.

LULU Genotype n=23(X0)

LULU Phenotype

However the mining lulu was sterile. It could not reproduce of its own volition because its Anunnaki creators had removed the gene that initiated the activation of the germ cell ("Y" chromosome). The species remained controlled.
The ELOHIM decided to take possession of their planet and free the lulu. And they sent an ADAM to Earth to hybridize with the lulu and grant him the necessary genetic freedom to be able to live in synchrony with the ester GIVE/RECEIVE UNIVERSE.
ADÁN was a hermaphroditic Haploid with the formula n=24(XY). With chromosome Y in chromatic use 24 and X in 23. It is a model that here on Earth was used by the descendants of ADÁN by haploid pathway.

ADAM Genotype n=24(XY)

ADAM Phenotype

The ape (animal) was created in the fifth phase of Creation. His number is 5 and his Golden ratio is 1-1.5. The Galactic Human was created in phase 7. His Golden Ratio is 1-1.7.
The current man emerged from animal level 5 and divine level 7. His number is 5+7/2 = 6. And his Golden ratio is 1-1.6. Its proportions are 1-1.6. For example, if the third phalanx of a finger measures 1 cm. the second will measure 1.6 times what the third phalanx measures, that is, 1.6 cm. and the first will measure 1.6 times what the second measures, that is, 2.56.

Beauty in the human species depends on the conservation of its Golden ratio.

ADAM and other haploid hermaphrodites incarnated on Earth with a Golden Ratio of level 7 (of aliens level 7 "gods"). By their physiognomy they were easily recognized among themselves, by their proportion and because they all had the same face. They were all clones of themselves. They reproduced by budding (Galactic Human) when they wanted, or by self-fertilization like ADAM. For example, Maria (galactic human) was a virgin because she did not need anyone's penis to engender a haploid hermaphrodite body like hers, where Jesus n=24(XY) would incarnate. The blood of Jesus, as demonstrated by Ron Wyatt here on Earth, was from a haploid n=24(XY). In the Galactic Human, the Y chromosome carries the order to activate budding but not the formation of a penis, as occurs in the terrestrial man. Jesus did not impregnate or impregnate anyone. Galactic Humans do not practice sex but LOVE, which is the Universal law that governs this Universe GIVE/RECEIVE. Although the Earth humans neither see nor know it. ADAM was given a Y chromosome that encoded the formation of a penis, designed on Sirius A, because ADAM's mission was to fertilize and impregnate sterile lulus to create a new race of fertile terrestrial men with separate sexes (male+female).

The haploid hermaphrodite descendants of ADAM (Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jered, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noe.), impregnating diploid females, only fathered male children because the female X chromosome, with the Barr chromatin gene, destroyed in the newly formed zygote on the X chromosome donated by the haploid parent n=24(XY). For this reason ADAM's children were born 2n=46(XY) but not 2n=47(XXY) hermaphrodites. A single race of humans with separate sex males and females and the same number of chromosomes was intended, but not 3 sexes with males, females and hermadites with 47 chromosomes.
The haploid hermaphrodite descendants of ADAM (Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jered, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noe.), impregnating diploid females, only fathered male children because the female X chromosome, with the Barr chromatin gene, destroyed in the newly formed zygote on the X chromosome donated by the haploid parent n=24(XY). For this reason ADAM's children were born 2n=46(XY) but not 2n=47(XXY) hermaphrodites. A single race of humans with separate sex males and females and the same number of chromosomes was intended, but not 3 sexes with males, females and hermadites with 47 chromosomes.

Haploid descendants of Adam
The haploid hermaphroditic breeding line was made by fertilizing itself. His haploid children were clones of himself. Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. All identical to each other. All with the same mask. Noah was the last haploid hermaphrodite. He lost his balls there on Mount Ararat at the hands of his son Cam, who cut them tied with string. The curse of CANAAN
THE CURSE OF CANAAN (THE SECOND ORIGINAL SIN): The reptilians have stolen the "chocho" of the righteous.
Patriarch Noah was a haploid hermaphrodite. A single covering of chromosomes n=24(XY). It had both sexes, the female reproductive system generated by the X chromosome and the male reproductive system generated by the Y chromosome. It was identical to the initial ADAM.

ADAM                                    NOAH

NOAH was a haploid hermaphrodite, a direct descendant of ADAM through the haploid hermaphrodite line. He had 4 diploid children through the heterosexual line with his diploid wife 2n=46(XX). His sons: Japheth, Set and Ham. The fourth son, YonTon, did not want to go up to the ark and wall in the Flood, because he was disobedient. Noah's wife was reptilian ("serving to self") and his son was also a Cam. It happened that in the ark Noe told his son Ham that he already felt old and that he was going to have another son to take care of him in his old age. Cam knew that his father was a haploid hermaphrodite and unlike his predecessors had not yet given birth to any haploid hermaphrodite (clone of himself), and therefore he would fertilize himself to obtain a good son like him. The haploid hermaphrodite line was unique to "service-to-others" humans and offered more powers than the separate-sex diploid line.
Cam patiently waited for the opportunity to steal the haploid hermaphrodite line for his reptilian descendants.
After the Flood, on Mount Ararat, Noah planted a vineyard with seeds from EDEN. I fill it with vines. Harvest day arrived. He got wine and drank and drank. He got more and more drunk and Cam watched him from outside the store. Drunk, he took off his clothes to be more comfortable. Naked in his tent he was still drinking and Cam was watching. Finally he lost consciousness and fell to the ground with his pussy in the air. Cam took the opportunity to rape his father and impregnated him. Now his reptilian seed was inside Noe's womb. Not content with acquiring the diploid line for the bad guys, he tied Noah's testicles with string and cut them off, forever removing the haploid line from the good guys.
When Noah woke up from his drunkenness and found out what his son Ham had done to him, he cried out to heaven. He did not entertain himself in cursing his son Ham, who he already knew was a son of... but he directly cursed the fruit of his womb, and said:

Cursed be Canaan!
Let him be a slave to slaves
of his brothers!
And he added:
Praise the Lord,
God of Shem!
Let Canaan be his slave!
May God enlarge Japheth,
that Sem stores welcome her
and let Canaan be his slave!

After the flood, Noah lived three hundred and fifty years.
He died at the age of nine hundred and fifty.
Canaán was the fifth son of Noah and the first through the haploid hermaphrodite line. His parents were Cam and Noe. Canaan was the first diploid hermaphrodite of the fifth humanity. Their diploid hermaphroditic descendants today dominate the commercial and political-military world.

ADAM came to take possession of the Earth, put an end to the Anunnaki agenda and free the Lulus after hybridizing with them. He gave them a new genetics of LOVE. He created a new humanity free to study and learn how this UNIVERSE of LOVE works. Those who passed the test could stay.
A new race of Adamic men originated (current men) who were not fit to work in open pit mines and could reproduce and spend time learning how this Universe GIVE + RECEIVE
The ADAMIC man is made up of 2 bodies, one male and one female:



The male has a closed vagina. It is the genetic scar that extends from near the anus to the tip of the penis. Although it can reproduce because it has its female reproductive part in one half or female. The two separate sexes, one in a man's body and the other in a woman's body.

Current male male karyotype: 2n=46(XY)

But its karyotype contains the complete germination sequence with X chromosome conferring germination and Y chromosome conferring germinal activation.

Female karyotype

When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God.
He did not create them male and female (Lilith), but had to obtain the female version of ADAM which he called woman. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them. And on the day they were created, he called their name Man.
Man=man + woman
The male ADAM or Male was a haploid hermaphrodite n=24(XY), the EVE or Varona (because she was taken from the Male) was a female (female) diploid 2n=46(XX), the male son of ADAM with EVE was a male diploid 2n =46(XY) and the diploid male with the diploid female was a single man with separate sexes, just like the Elohim, hermaphroditic gods, with both sexes but together.


Adamic male: The current man differs from ADAM in that he is not self-fertilizing because his vagina is closed. (It is the genetic scar that extends from the anus to the tip of the penis). Although it can reproduce itself because it has two separate sexes, one in a male body and the other in a female body. The Gods created man male and female, that is, with the two sexes separated, one in one body and the other in another body.
Male karyotype (Adamic male + female). It is the karyotype of a tetraploid (4 chromosomal linings).

Exact Version of ADAM


The creation of eve
So that the male ADAM 2n=46(XY) would not be alone in the future but would be with more male Adams, the EVA was created to give him male children, and the woman was advised not to wear "clothes of man".
At first a female partner (feminine man) was proposed for ADAM who would be the closest thing to him. They introduced him to Lilith. She was genetically the same as him but had her Y chromosome removed. Her X chromosome was Neanderthal like ADAM's Y and both produced androgens.

Lilith karyotype

Lilith Phenotype

Lilith was the closest thing to ADAM.

But Lilith did not accept the offer claiming that --with one chromosome less-- she and her descendants would always be below ADAM. He left EDEN.
ADAM himself was then versioned to his female form.
To get its female form:
EVE was created from 2 ADAM cells and an anucleated ovum

1.- In an ADAM cell n=24(XY) the Y chromosome was destroyed, leaving n=23(X0)
2.- In another cell of ADAM (n=24(XY) the Y chromosome was also destroyed, leaving n=23(X0)
3.- An ovum of ADAM had the chromosomes removed from its nucleus
4.- The two cell nuclei were then inserted into the previously anucleated cell, thus obtaining an ovule with the formula 2n=46(XX)
5.-Next, the cellular duplication of the Zygote was activated and it was implanted in the uterus of ADAM.
And ADAM gave birth to EVE his exact female version, which only had a female reproductive system.

The X chromosomes of the EVE woman come from Sirius A and produce estrogen but not androgens, as does the current man's terrestrial Y chromosome that comes from ADAM via the Neanderthal pathway, or the X of the lulus (via Cro-Magnon ).
The female X chromosomes contain the chromatin or Barr corpuscle gene. This gene causes the inactivation of the homologous X chromosome so that in each cell of a woman, although there are 2 X chromosomes, one of them inactivates the other. In each female cell, only one X chromosome works, the other remains inactivated, condensed, showing itself as a corpuscle. The female cells are a mosaic, in some the X chromosome inherited from the father remains activated and in others the one inherited from the mother remains activated.
The function of the Barr chromatin gene was and is to prevent women fertilized by haploid hermaphrodites like ADAM from fathering diploid hermaphrodite children. In the human species, the X chromosome uses chromatic use 23 and when an egg cell from EVA was fertilized by a sperm from ADAM, the mother's Barr chromatin gene destroyed the X chromosome inherited from ADAM in the zygote. The children of ADÁN with EVA were always males with chromosomal lining 2n=46(XY), having lost an X chromosome transferred from the father ADÁN. In this way, the terrestrial human species would have 2 separate sexes, it would only have diploid male specimens 2n=46(XY) and diploid female specimens 2n=46(XX), but not diploid hermaphrodites 2n=47(XXY).

The X and Y sex chromosomes are not a pair of homologous chromosomes. The X is anchored to chromatic usage 23 and the Y to 24. 


The female X chromosomes are homologous, both anchored to usage 23 of their respective chromosomal lining.
The Adamic male has 24 different chromosomes functioning as in the ADAM. The human male is 100% Adamic
The woman has 23 different chromosomes working. The human woman is 95.83% Adamic. For this reason, it must be cared for like the finest crystal glass.
ADAM's Y chromosome incorporated a gene that inactivated part of the X chromosome into its own genome. Produces fetal involution of the female reproductive system. The tubes, the uterus, the vagina and the vulva are closed, although the testicles descend. In men, despite having genetic information on their X chromosome to originate a complete female reproductive system, only the male reproductive system remains and a genetic scar that goes from the anus to the end of the penis. In this way, it is avoided that in the human species hermaphrodite individuals of the female sex appear because they have an X chromosome and male sex because they have a Y chromosome at the same time.
The Barr chromatin gene also served to rescue the lulus that were sterile due to the lack of a Y chromosome and therefore lacked the Zygote activator gene. Rescuing them meant giving them a Y chromosome so they could reproduce. ADAM's offspring (2n=46(XY) males sired both males and females in the lulus. Males when they yielded the Y-chromosomal lining, and females when they yielded the X-chromosomal lining, which as contained the chromatin gene The Barr chromosome inactivated the lulu X chromosome The X chromosome of the lulu came from the Cro-Magnon ape and encoded more androgens than the X of the EVAs, which did not encode androgens but estrogens Lacking the Barr chromatin gene, it was always inactivated by the X chromosome of the men of Adamic origin, so that the future female descendants of Lulus were not hairier or stronger than the daughters of EVA or the men.
With Lilith's refusal, and EVA's entry, "service-to-self" reptilians were pleased that EVA was physically weaker than the macho Man. The domain of the "Cain-type man" over the woman was ensured so that he could rape her and impregnate her at will so that the expansion of the future 5th reptilian humanity would increase. However men were different from women. The usual homosexual attraction between macho men was not reproductive.
From fourth density, billions of reptilian spirits wanted men to impregnate women by the bucketful, so that they would give birth to new human bodies in which to incarnate. The "service-to-self" reptilians of both the Sirius B Egyptian archetype (Osiris, Horus, Isis) and the Nibiru Hebrew archetype (Yahveh, Anu, Huitzilpochtli), already incarnated in human bodies, opposed homosexuality and abortion. They wanted more of their own to enter the planet and to achieve this they mistreated homosexuals and women who had abortions.
On the other hand, men "serving others" understood that it was preferable not to marry a woman, because to have 100% ADÁNICO sex it had to be homo sex and that in the end sex did not matter more than love, although to have continuity it was convenient to marry even without hetero love.
Those "serving themselves" understood that "the man who slept with a woman as with a man should die", because he was not good at being heterosexual and overpopulating the planet. While Pleiadians "of service to others" understood that "the man who slept with a woman as with a man was only looking for sexual pleasure but not love, which meant that he was a reptilian.
ADÁN impregnated EVE who gave birth to male men, but not daughters. The male men given birth by EVA fertilized lulus. The lulus gave birth to sons and daughters. The two pre-Adamic and Adamic races of men merged into a single white race, the current man, fifth humanity. At the end of the long hybridization, when all men had been born of women, the man had lost his pussy, it was genetically closed.

The first original sin
ADAM's mission was to take possession of the Earth, expel the reptilians from the planet and free the lulus of their genetics so that they could evolve spiritually. Those who passed the test could stay on Earth. I kick them out but they were looking for a way to re-enter Earth.
ADAM and EVE were just humans (from this GIVE/RECEIVE UNIVERSE, they were good, altruistic, with an agenda for others). The Gods had advised EVE and ADAM not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That they limit themselves to living without investigating anything or knowing anything new so that Evil (reptilians from the RECEIVE universe, bad, selfish, with agendas to themselves) does not enter EDEN.
Eve, from the "Tree of Good and Evil", ate from evil. A reptilian impregnated EVA. He managed to incarnate in a human body and here he and his reptilian offspring were going to stay until they were kicked out again.
Sin means error or failure. ADAM and EVE failed to protect EDEN from the reptilians. Reptilians would be part of the human species. Just and bad would be mixed. With the same human body, indistinguishable to the naked eye. Only by the facts would they know. On Earth there would be no more peace because the specialty of the bad guys was lying, stealing, killing... they are happy experiencing those low frequencies typical of their RECEIVING UNIVERSE.
4 And Adam knew Eve, his wife, who had desired the angel, and she conceived by Sama'el, the angel of the Lord, and gave birth to Cain; and she said: 'I have obtained the angel of the Lord as a man' -black angel-
2 Then she gave birth to her brother Abel. --stepbrother-- And Abel was a herdsman, and Cain was a tiller of the land.
EVA was diploid 2n=46(XX). It had 2 chromosomal linings. Her egg contained a chromosome lining. Sama's sperm transmitted the other lining. The zygote Cain had 2 chromosomal garrisons, one from EVA (service to others) and the other from reptilian Sama el (service to self). Each chromosomal garnish can house a spirit. In Cain they embodied a spirit of service to others in the chromosomal garrison that EVA brought, and a spirit of service to self that the reptilian Sama brought.
Cain tilled, planted, watered and sweated with anaerobic metabolism, harvesting folic vegetables all year round. He was reptilian and his lulu metabolism (via anaerobic and M2-PK) served the reptilian Gods. He spent the day working, taking care of his garden but not generating love. Abel calmly grazed with aerobic metabolism and M1-PK, without getting tired. His flocks cleaned his vineyard where phytic trees grew, of his Elohim Gods. Their herds ate the herbs on the ground, keeping the vineyard in conditions for the fruit trees to grow and bear fruit more and better. They bore fruit year after year without having to till the land. Abel did not work against the ground, the trees and the sheep fed him for free so he could dedicate the day to generating love.
3 And it came to pass in time, that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord.
4 And Abel also brought some of the firstborn of his sheep, from the fattest of them. And the Lord looked with favor on Abel and on his offering;
5 but he did not look favorably on Cain and his offering. And Cain was very angry, and his countenance fell.
And the million dollar question.
What did he offer you? A radish, a cucumber? What was it? A cabbage, a chard, maybe a spinach? In any case, it is known that it was a green leafy vegetable rich in vitamin K1 of the Anunnaki, which did not serve to cure cancer or remove cholesterol plaques from the arteries as the K2 of the Elohim does.

EDEN today
The Fertile Crescent (glucose) Vs The Promised Land flowing with milk and honey (galactose and fructose)
In the area of ​​the Nile Fertile Crescent, all folic vegetables were already used. They could not plant phytic fruit trees because they did not have them, they were exclusively Elohim and had not yet arrived on Earth, and because the annual flooding of the Nile would have washed them away. From their Reptilian Gods they only received folic vegetables.
The Hebrew slaves during their captivity in Egypt that lasted 400 years, cultivated them in 3 and 4 annual harvests. They spent the day growing vegetables, year after year tilling, planting, watering and harvesting with anaerobic metabolism.
When their God freed them from slavery in Egypt, the Hebrews lamented for a long time that they could not eat, on their journey through the desert, the delicious melons of Egypt, and the meats, and the onions, and... only manna !. But those lamentations sounded like lies, the mana was "miraculous", it had the taste that the consumer's mind wanted at that moment.
-- with how well we were in Egypt eating melons, we ate, drank and washed our hands. --
--ahh yes!, well 40 more years...!--
Their God had other plans for them. In the promised land that flowed with "milk and honey" they were no longer going to spend a large part of their daily time growing vegetables. Their new diet would be based on the fruits of the vines that they would plant in the Promised Land (Canaan). The vines would be from the fruit trees of phytic acid. Once planted they would not require exclusive dedication. Ruminants with 4 stomachs would be in charge of keeping them clean of weeds and stubble. They would be rainfed gardens without dry leaves. The only work that would bring them would be to pick the fruits that hung from the fruit trees, and eat them.
In the new Land of Canaan the Israelites would have plenty of time to spend with their God, instead of vegetables, practicing "Kundalini with each other."
Moses spoke to the people about the Promised Land, describing it as "a land of mountains and valleys" (Deut. 11,11), "a good land, a land of torrents, springs and springs flowing in the valleys and mountains , land of wheat and barley, of vineyards, fig trees and pomegranates, land of olive groves, oil and honey" (Deut. 8,7-8).
The journey from Egypt to Canaan was long, it lasted about 40 years and many who dreamed of melons died without tasting them and without entering the Promised Land.
The new generations of Hebrews who entered Canaan no longer had the culture of the folic vegetables of the Egyptian Gods. His mind was ready for the new "milk and honey" culture, the ancient "vine" culture, like the one in the Garden of Eden and the one Noah planted after the Great Flood in Ararat. The new Jews were no longer "Hebrews" (slaves in Egypt) but in conquered Canaan they were Israelites in the Patriarchal Eden of a God who demanded Kundalini from everyone.
In conquered Canaan the Jews planted vineyards everywhere.

The Folic Fertile Crescent Vs Phytate/Phytase Paradise Eden
The Fertile Crescent before Eden

The fertile crescent after EDEN

The Egyptians believed they had the best land in the world and that life outside the fertile Nile had no future. An Egyptian fleeing his pharaoh traversed the Fertile Crescent and marveled at an Elohim Bioengineered land of phytic acid
Fragment of the story of Sinuhé the Egyptian when passing through the Fertile Crescent at the height of Syria.
"It was a magnificent land called Yaa. It bore figs next to vines. Wine was more abundant than water. It was rich in honey and produced much olive oil. On its trees there were fruits of all kinds. There were also oats and wheat and very numerous cattle. The prince was also very generous in giving me a gift and made me chief of one of the best tribes in his country. Thus I had bread to eat daily, fermented drink and wine to drink, and stewed meat and roasted fowl. , in addition to what could be hunted in the moor.",
Finally the Anunnaki diet managed to undermine the purity of the ELOMIM diet. The result is the Mediterranean diet. A diet that mixes the two. It spread throughout WESTERN EDEN (Mediterranean) and EASTERN EDEN ("the island" / Al jazeera / ARABIA). The result is that people continue to get sick and age. You can't serve two men at the same time...